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Lex Prime lawyers are highly experienced in Criminal law matters in Thailand. We helped dozens of foreigners to solve their legal issues. Our criminal lawyers ready to defend your rights in Police custody, Criminal Litigation, and Deportation Process.

What we can do for you:

  • Defend your rights when you get arrested in Thailand

If you have been arrested for committing a crime in Thailand you should get yourself a reputable lawyer as soon as possible.  An experienced criminal defense lawyer will significantly increase your chances of avoiding jail in Thailand.


We have a 24/7 hotline you can call in case of arrest in Thailand.

 Scales of Justice

                   Lex Prime is ready to protect your rights in Thailand.

  • Bail Application​


We provide bail application service in Thailand. The amount of the Bail usually depends on the circumstances of the case and starts from THB  50.000. 

  • Criminal Litigation 

Our Thai lawyers have more than 15 years of experience in Thai Criminal Law and can represent you whether you are Defendant or a Plaintiff in Thai Criminal Court. We handle all kinds of criminal cases in Thailand, including defamations, frauds, thefts, and drugs. 

  • International Fraud

Lex Prime has represented many foreign companies that have been scammed by companies/individuals from Thailand. Mostly it is non-delivery fraud cases connected to international deals with rubber gloves and medical masks. In some cases, damages were over 10 million USD. We work directly with Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau and Crime Suppression Division here in Thailand, which allows us to provide better and faster results for a client, and in some cases recover the money. 



If you have any questions about Criminal or Fraud cases in Thailand feel free to contact us via the website or at for a free initial legal consultation.

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