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1) Fill in an inquiry form below or send us an email at


If you have an emergency matter and in need of legal help in Thailand out of working hours, please contact +66-91-043-6912.

2) We usually will reply within few hours, and request additional information or documents to fully understand the matter and provide you with the right answers.


3) Our Thai lawyers will evaluate your case and schedule a free consultation for you which could be done remotely (email, Skype, WhatsApp, Line, phone call, etc.), or in our office in Bangkok. During the consultation, you will get a full understanding of the situation with a preliminary assessment of the merits of your case, also we will provide the options available for you, as well as full information about our fees.

4) You decide if you would like to keep Lex Prime as your attorney or not. No obligation. 

Free consultation with lawyer in Thailand

We provide a free no-obligation initial legal consultation in Thailand.


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