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One of Lex Prime's main areas of expertise is criminal and civil litigation. We help businesses and individuals with a wide range of disputes in Thailand. Our Thai lawyers' extensive experience allows us to achieve success for clients even in complex cases.


We represent clients in Thailand in many areas, including:

  • Arbitration.

  • Criminal Law - ​Drug Charges, Fraud, Theft, Defamation.

  • Civil Law - Breach of Contract, Property Disputes, Bankruptcy Procedures, Company Restructuring.

  • Family Law - Divorce, Probate, Child Custody.

  • Employment Disputes.

  • Intellectual Property Disputes.

Litigation in Thailand

We deliver successful results in challenging situations.

Law in Thailand is complex and our job is to make it work for our clients. In Lex Prime, all litigation cases are handled by managing partner or senior lawyers to provide the highest level of expertise in every case. Our aim to deliver the best possible outcome for clients promptly, and in a cost-efficient manner.  


If you have questions related to Dispute Resolution / Litigation in Thailand feel free to contact us via the website or at for a free initial legal consultation with our Thai lawyers. 

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